Company today

SC «Zdravushka-milk» cares about naturalness and high quality of its dairy products and juices. To reach the important purpose, the company uses methods based exclusively on the principles of openness and humanity.

Who we are?

Nowadays JSC «Zdravushka-milk» is one of the most well-known dairy production manufacturers in the Republic of Belarus. Of late company «Zdravushka-milk» produces juices as well.

The company products are well-known to the Russian buyer, are exported to Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova as well.

Why do people trust us?

In order to keep the company's products as invariably natural, the raw material for its manufacture comes in from ecologically clean areas, adjoining to national park «Belovezhskaya pushcha», and during the manufacture process no preserving agents are used.

High quality of the products in many respects is determined by applied international quality systems: ISO 9001-2001, ISO 14001, HASSP, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 22000. The closed type of production (contact of the personnel with the products is reduced to minimum) is used in the company also, and special attention is paid to the observance of hygienic requirements.

JSC «Zdravushka-milk» partners  in the field of technologies and the equipment are widely known and trustworthy companies from Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Sweden and Germany.

In their turn the employees of JSC «Zdravushka-milk» always aim at taking into account desires and needs of buyers at the most. Therefore the production of the company has favorite tastes and convenient packing, and assortment is notable for a wide variety (more than 200 names).

Why do they cooperate with us?

Besides the fact that company «Zdravushka-milk» cares about its product  naturalness  & quality, much attention is given to its availability in retail trade, namely to the logistic system.

It is of no small importance, that JSC «Zdravushka-milk» supports high ethic standards of business dealing. There are responsible and purposeful employees in the company, the professionals, who love what they do. And in order to achieve the objects they use the methods based exclusively on the principles of openness and humanity.